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Christmas Music

It’s Christmas Day, which means we are about to end the Christmas Music season. The annual tradition of driving up sales by playing trite Christmas garbage starting in early November, if not October.

I saw a quote yesterday about Christmas.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree
– Roy L. Smith

It got me thinking about Christmas celebrations over the years. The times that I thought were magical, and the times that I thought were disappointing. I wonder how many people are let down by Christmas. Let down because the day didn’t live up to they hype. There is so much hype. So much promise that spending a few hundred dollars will make you feel magical.

And then we fall flat. Not because we didn’t get the present that we wanted. But because we are told that Christmas is a time of magic and miracles, and we believe it. Even though we are completely not interested in miracles or magic, we still get bummed when Christmas is just another holiday.

What does it mean to have Christmas in your heart? Do you need faith in one or more gods? How can I find it? And how can we stop all the songs and movies and TV shows about finding the spirit of Christmas in Santa’s sack or Frosty’s hat?

I wish that Christmas lived up to the hype for everyone, I really do. But it is what it is. I usually pic on the song Wonderful Christmastime as some sort of horrific pile of crap. But now I think it sets the right tone for most people. Christmas isn’t about magic and miracles. It’s about seeing friends, and having that be enough.

A common theme in Christmas movies is grownups loosing the spirit of Christmas until some miracle from the North Pole brings back the magic. I thing that most of us wish that some sort of easy magic is going to fall off our roof some day and usher the Christmas spirit into our hearts. But life takes more than that. If you want to connect with something greater than yourself, then you have to go on a quest. Meaning doesn’t find us. We chase it.

How are you feeling at the end of this Christmas day? How do you want to feel? I’m at least thankful that the season of garbage Christmas-like crap songs is over for another 9 months.

Here is a very offensive video, which asks and important question. How would Santa get around on his sleigh, if it didn’t snow on Christmas?

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